Battle of the bulge tours

Battle of the bulge tours:  An Unique Experience!

On december 16th 1944, Nazi Germany starts their last and biggest attack of world war II. With an incredible amount of soldiers, tanks, artillery, and wagons, the Germans throw themselfes into the Ardennes, wich was occupied by mostly green US army forces.

Are you looking for a unique experience? Do you want to step in the footsteps of the soldiers who fought during the hard, bitter winter? Book a Battle of the Bulge tour! battle-tours
Your host, Bob Konings, is taking you into the stories: he is stepping into the former battle fields.
The battle of the bulge ours are available in English and Dutch!

He’s always looking for that needle in a haystack,” an 82 year old Wallonian farmer said about Bob, ” And he will find it!

Since 2010, Bob is guiding people around in the Ardennes. He follows the battletrails, locating foxholes, monuments, former artillery barages, etc. He knows the stories and he knows the places.
All tours are done by car, following the highlights of the area in wich you follow the trails

Latest News
Latest tour:
In the footsteps of the 75th Infantry Division and 3rd Armored Division. (Hotton area)
Coming up : Daytour in the Grandmenil area!

You also can book a special package at our guesthouse “Bo Temps“, situated in Grandmenil, known by it’s battle of the bulge history.
You can view the details here.

The battle of the bulge tours are available in Dutch and English (your tourguide also speaks German and French)

I don’t care standing knee deep in the mud. As long as I find their traces.”
– Bob Konings-