About Bob

In 2008, your battle of the bulge tourguide Bob Konings moved with his wife and two sons from Roosendaal (the Netherlands) to the Ardennes.

From the beginning he was interested in the events that took place during that short periode from december 1944 ‘till the 25th of januari 1945. He decided to dive deep in to the stories of those young soldiers who fought many battle in and around his new vilage.

In 2009, Bob published his website www.grandmenil.com and before he knew it, his mailbox exploded and filled up with emails from veterans, familymembers and people who were interested in the battles in and around the Grandmenil area.
In may 2009, he met 3rd AD/36th AIR veteran Bob Kauffman for the first time and soon they became close friends. Bob Kauffman visited the area many times and spoke a lot about his war experiences.
During the following years, Bob Konings has met and spoken with other veterans, civilians and experts.

Since 2010, Bob is working with a group of researchers. They are working on several (mostly unknown) stories. Not only the Grandmenil/Manhay sector is part of the investigations, also other area’s have their attention.
With a lot of good contacts in the USA, Bob’s group obtainend many documents, after action reports, morning reports and personnel statements to complete the researches.
All groupmembers have their own specialities (ammunition, weaponry, vehiclesparts, mapping, etc) and all do have a metaldetector, wich we use to find evidence on the former battlefields. Bob has a permission to search the fields with metaldetectors  in the community of Manhay.

Bob has been guiding around groups since 2010. Not only people who are interested in the battle of the bulge, but also a lot of familymembers, whose (grand)father, brother or uncle  fought or got killed in the second world war.
Each day he is spending time on research.
More about his research:
Bob is also a member of the team of Footstepsresearchers.

Bob brought us to place wich never ever had found ourselves.” – Tom and Jacqueline-

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