Grandmenil battle tour

The hamlet Grandmenil became a battleground from december 24th till december 27th.

Your tourguide Bob Konings has been researching this battle since 2008 and this has resulted in the website During this tour you will learn all about the German advance till the point where they were stopped by a “lucky” bazooka shot.

Grandmenil Grand Rue

Grandmenil, after the war

The tour takes you to the highest point in this region, Baraque de Fraiture. From there we wil descent back towards Grandmenil and into the woods. You will see all the interesting places. Bob knows the stories in detail and he can step back in time. Artillery positions, foxholes. vital crossroads, bridges, etc. He wil tell you the story of Malempré, Manhay and, of course, Grandmenil.

Bob is a flexible tourguide: Tell him what you want to see, and he will take you there. It is also possible that he will come up with something completely new, wich recently came up during the researches.
That is neat about these tours: in the background, there are always the ungoing researches!
We also visit the B-24 King Size crashsite!

Duration of theis battle of the bulge tour: Appr. 3 hours.
NEW! This tour is also available as a 6 hour tour!

“Bob told us he found some foxholes, he wanted to show us. Before I knew it, we were driving deeper and deeper into the woods, almost wrecking his car, and ended up on top of a hill, overlooking at least one hundred foxholes, beloning to the 75th Infantry Division.” – Patrick-

Price for this tour:

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