Hellish Places Tour

This 8 hrs battle of the bulge tour is a combination of all the knowledge that is in the head of your tourguide.

We will step in the footsteps of several units: 75th infantry division, 83rd infantry division, 3rd armored division, 82nd airborne, 551st PIB…. You will see and hear it all. Starting outside of Grandmenil, and ending up in….. Well, we will see.
You wil hear funny stories versus horrific encounters.
Veteran Bob Kauffman, (3rd AD/36th armored infantry division) told your tourguide from the beginning: “War is a horrible human experience!”
And he was right.

504th parachute infantry regiment in Cheneux, dec, 1944

This excellent tour was compiled after years of research and meant for people who want to see the diversity of the Battle of the Bulge.
The hellish places you will see, are highlights form the battle of the bulge. Some stories are known, others will be rare.
As said in the Grandmenil battle tour: Bob’s team is researching 5 subjects a time. This means that it is possible that he will take you to complete new areas because new stories or items were discoverd. This makes these tours so special: You will never know were you end up. The only guarantee you’ll have, is that you end up with dirty shoes in front of Bob’s guesthouse Bo Temps after a long, hard day of battle stories.

You simply cannot imagine what it is like to be in a war. Until we went on a 6 hours battle tour with Bob. At one point, we were standing in a dense wood and I closed my eyes. I would have  sworn I heard the rumbling of the tanktracks on the road below us. We already have booked the next tour!

Duration: Appr. 8 hrs.

– When can I go on this tour?!-


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