Since 2010, many guests went into the former battlefields with Bob.
We have some reactions for you:

– “This is it! This is why we came all the way from the States!
– “Bob, you are the best!”
–  “Breathtaking….””
–  “Bob takes you to places that you can’t find and you never thought of.”
–  “The detailed and personal stories, his detailed knowledge, the environment.. It was great!”
–  “Booked the next tour!”
– “We stood there, where my father stood. Bone chilling!”
–  “I thought you wouldn’t see that much traces of the war. But Bob took us to places were there are still foxholes! I guess we saw
40 of them on one spot.”
– “I can tell that I am a tough guy. The stories Bob told us in Trou de Loup were overwhelming.”
– “My wife came back very enthousiastic after a whole day of battle stories. Nailed it, Bob!”
– “And after the tour a Belgian beer and loads of books at the B&B. Awesome…”
– “So this Dutch guy told us all these unknown stories to us.. a Flemish group!
– “I have read quite some books about the battle of the bulge. But standing in the ankledeep mud, listening to all these incredible stories of veterans… It is so much special.
” I can recommend this to everyone, especially those who don’t know much about the battle of the Ardennes.”
” I had the opportunity to meet some veterans who were visiting the area and were on tour with Bob and other people. I was a lucky son of a gun!”
” The tour we took lasted three hours. So, the next day I took the 6 hours tour with my friend.”
” Just one word: EXCITING”