Battle of the Bulge tours

Battle of the Bulge tours:  A Unique Experience!

Get in the footsteps of the soldiers who fought during the hard, bitter winter in december 1944 till the 25th of january 1945!

On december 16th 1944 German troops started their last and biggest attack of world war II: The Battle of the Bulge.
With an incredible amount of experienced soldiers, tanks, Bob Konings Battle Tour Guide Battle of the Ardennesartillery, and wagons they entered the Ardennes crushing the thin American lines.
Their objective: The port of Antwerp.

Your host, Bob Konings, (Battlefield tourguide since 2010.) is telling you the stories of one of the fiercest battles during world war II in the European theater: the Battle of the Bulge.

He’s always looking for that needle in a haystack,” an 82 year old Walloon farmer said about Bob, ” And he will find it!

Bob follows the original battle trails, locating foxholes, monuments, former artillery barages, HQ’s, etc. He knows the stories and he knows the places. 
Besides Battlefieldguide he is also a respected researcher since 2008.

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The Battle of the Bulge tours are available in Dutch and English (your tourguide also speaks German and French)

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