B24- 42-50612-King Size

On december 25th 1944 a B-24 crashed into the meadows of La Fosse.
8 year old Viktor Yansenne witnessed the crash and never forgot what he saw.
In 2013 he asked, via the community of Manhay, the team of Bob Konings for help. Viktor wanted to identify the plane and it’s crew. His final goal was to erect a monument.
It took the team almost five years, with the help of many people,  to finally idintify it. It turned out to be the B24 42-50612 “King Size” and the crew of pilot Raymond Price.
Of the 9 crewmembers, two of them survived the crash and made it back home.
In a weekend in march, most of the Grandmenil team gathered in La Fosse and accompanied by a crew with a big crane and a bobcat.  In that weekend they did a last dig for remains of the plane. The weekend was accompanied by a son and daughter of one of the survivors: Peter Ferdinand.

You can read the full story on the website: www.b24-kingsize.com
A visit to the crashsite and monument is included in the Grandmenil battle tour and the Hellish Places battle tour.