A Cold Day in Hell

The LATEST Battle of the Bulge Tour: A Cold Day in Hell.
Unseen history, unique stories and a breathtaking scenery!

This tour takes you in the footsteps of the 83rd Infantry Division, 3rd Armored Division, 82nd Airborne and you will even see a touch of Belgian Resistance!

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is 508th-Thier-du-Mont.jpg
the 508th on Thier du Mont

The tour is starting in Bra at the 82ndAB HeadQuarters where a world famous picture was taken.
From here we will head to villages as Xhoût-si-ploût, Banneu, Lierneux, Verleumont and following the tankbattle in Grand Sart. IN the woods I will tell you a great story from the 505thPIR.
We move uphill to the monument dedicated to the brave men of the 508thPIR.

We continue our ride towards the towns of Rencheux and Vielsalm. After lunch we drive on to Hebronval and Bihain where the 83rd Infantry Division met elements of the 9th SS Division “Hohenstaufen“. We move on to Ottré where 36thAIR veteran Bob Kauffman spent the night, overlooking the terrain of Langlire.
Our next stop, only 100 meters further, will bring us to the fields outside of the hamlet of Ottré.
Your tourguide researched this terrain during 11 years and came to astonishing conclusions. On this spot you will hear all ins and outs of the research.

We continue in the direction of Langlire and Baclain where we will visit the monument dedicated to the Belgian resistance (Refuge Thill) and the area where the 3rd Armored Division attacked the village.
Our last stop is the highly unkown spot where a V2 installation was.
If open, we will head back to Ottré and end our tour where we will visit the unique and outstanding Bulge Relics Museum in Joubieval!

The tour will last appr. 7 to 8 hours.
Lunch and museum fee are not included in the price.

“My dad fought here as a replacement. There are foxholes still visible, craters, you name it. We even found a piece of shrapnell. It was haunting to know my dad was at the same location I was standing.” – Elisabeth-