Customised Tour

Especially for our American and English guests we offer customised tours.
It is always helpfull to have a guide with you, who knows the area where you are staying. Varying from Battle of the Bulge terrains and visiting villages and cities. We can offer you a wide range of tours.

We can combine battle tours with visiting US, German and English cemeteries, museums and monuments, alternated with a welcome pause in one of the great restaurants, brasseries or cafés on route.
We know them all.
The only thing you have to do, is tell us what you want.

Do you need an inquiry about a loved one who was here during the battle of the bulge? Please visit our special page.

Just sent us an email, tell us what you want and we will make sure we will make you a package you’ll never forget.

Fees and prices depend on your wishes.
We highly recommend a stay at our Guesthouse, so you will avoid a lot of driving around and avoid higher driving costs.