Recommended Books

During the years Bob has collected a great collection of books about the Battle of the Bulge. Some of them are used as source in preparation of the Battle of the Bulge Tours.
These are the titels are recommended by him:
* The Devils adjudant – Michael Reynolds. (About Joachm Peiper and the 1st Leibstandarte)
* Sons of the reich- Michael Reynolds. (About the wehereabouts of the Das Reich and Hohenstaufen division)
* Duel in the Mist, (part 1,2 and 3) – Timm Haasler. Excellent reads about the fightings against the Leibstandarte in the area of La Gleize, Stoumont, Stavelot and Trois Ponts.
* Bastogne, the first eight days – S.L.A. Marshall
* To safe Bastogne – Robert F. Phillips
* The Battle of the Bulge – Hugh Cole. Excellent overview about the whole Battle of the Bulge.
* The Hotton Report – Robert K. McDonald. Excellent read about the fightings in Hotton and La Roumiére
* The men of company K – Harold P. Leinbaugh and John D. Campbell. About the fightings of the 84thID in the Geilenkirch area and the Ardennes.
* Battling Buzards – Gerald Astor. About the 517thPRCT in the Ardennes.
* Messengers of the last battalion – Gregory Orfalea. Great book about the unique 551stPIB in the European theate, including the Ardennes.

I will add more books later.