Frequently Asked Questions about the Battle of the Bulge tours!
During the years many people had the following questions:

Whats the best way to book a tour?
The shortest way is go to the contact page and
fill in the form. Please tell me which tour(s) you want. Normally I will contact you back by mail within 2 days.
How about availabillity?
I am a flexible tourguide and you can book a tour the whole year, except for the period around the first two weeks of july, (thats my annual holiday), christmas and december 31th and january 1st.

Before you book anything (like flights, hotels, etc.) make sure I have availabillity! Contact me first!
How many persons can join in?
At least two persons! If you want a private tour with the two of you, let me know. Otherwise it is possible that other persons join in.

Are all tours by car?
Yes, they are. Some of the tours are only a few miles in length, but that is still to long to do the tour on foot. Normally Bob will be driving, cause he knows the exact spot where to stop. If the group is bigger, we will drive with several cars or a rental bus. 

Is the tour suitable for children?
My experiences are that children under the age of 14 are loosing their interest in his stories after 2 hours.
So, I cannot take them on tour.
How long does a tour take?
There are several tours available. Most of them are between 6 to 8 hours. If you want to see more, we can plan several tours on different days.

Where does the tour start?
Most of the tours start at our
guesthouse Bo Temps, situated in Grandmenil. If you want another startingpoint, please make sure you are in the area of that starting point.
Click here for a map with our location.

How about lunch?!

During daytours, I will take you to a nice place for a quick bite. There is no time for three course dinners or extensive hot meals. It’s just a quick pause with  for example, ham/cheese sandwich and a drink or a good Belgium beer. After that, we will move on.

What should we wear?
That, of course, depends on the weather. But, make sure you have good (hiking) shoes. And make sure you have a good and warm coat with you.

Can we order a customised tour?
Yes, that is possible. If you want to see specific places, we can arrange that. It is also possible to make an inquiry. Please notice that this is another pricing.

Got any advice for a nice place to stay?
That depends on what tour you would like to book. Of course it is possible to stay at our own guesthouse. It’s a great starting point for tours and also a great starting point to see villages and touristic places in the Ardennes. We can give you advice how to fill up the days around/after the tour.

Whats a “No No” for the tourguide?
– I cannot pick you up from Bruxelles, Aachen, Antwerp, Luxembourg and other places that are over an hour drive.
– Stops at shopping malls, supermarkets, chocolatiers, breweries, etc, are not part of the tour.
– Reservations for hotels/ guesthouses, restaurants, etc, are not part of my service.
How are payments made?
All payments are done in cash, just before or right after the tour.

What if you are not available?
I work with several other tourguides who might help you out. They all speak proper English.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

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