Are you looking for information about a loved one? Was one of your familymembers here, during the Battle of the Bulge? And are you looking for information about him?
We can help you out.
As a member of the footstepresearchers team, I have access to mutiple sources.
I can help you with the following things:
– After Action Reports
– Morning Reports
– Individual Deceased Personnel File or IDPF
– Military Service record
– Terrain reconnaissance
– Mapping
– Storyline
And of course:
– Customised battle field tour
– Lodging
– personalised document, including documents, maps and pictures.

Since 2010 I have helped several families finding back the spots where their father, brother, uncle our friend have fought or the spot where they have passed away.

Fees and terms of conditions depend on your wishes.
Please contact me via email.