Interesting links

Here are some interesting links for you about the Battle of the Bulge:

Our own sites:
The Battle of Grandmenil
Stories about the fierce battles around the Grandmenil area during december 1944.
The Battle of the Bulge
Website about the complete Battle of the Bulge with rare stories added to it. This website is under construction.
B-24 The King Size
The incredible story about the so called “Ghost plane of La Fosse”: B24 “King Size”, that crashed in the meadows of La Fosse on december 25th 1944.
The KIA/MIA project.
A website dedicated to the men who were killed in action or got missing in action during the battle of the bulge. The website is expanding each month with new names on it.
3rd Armored Division Memorial Group
Website dedicated to the men of the 3rd Armored Division, with a special attention for the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment.