Joachim Peiper Battle Tour – highlights tour

joachim peiper

The Joachim Peiper Battlefield Tour is a daytour with all the highlights of Peipers wereabouts in the Ardennes. We’ll start in Malmedy and end the day in La Gleize.
We’ll stop at the five forked crossroads of Baugnez, where 84 US soldiers were killed.
From there we will head to Ligneuville where several US soldiers were murdered, Vaulx Richard and Stavelot.
After a tour in Stavelot, we will stand still to commemorate the many civilian victims.
In the same place we will have a quick lunch.
We’ll head for Trois Ponts and drive to the final stage of Stoumont and La Gleize.
It is a long tour and we will show you as many as possible highlights of Peipers troops. This tour will take about 8 hours.

Museums are excluded.

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I knew the story about the bunker where Peiper was hiding, but I never knew it from the civillian perspective! I can recommend this tour to everyone interested in these battles!” – Stephen and Diana-