Joachim Peiper tour

Joachim Peiper’s 25 km long column ploughed through the Ardennes during the early stage of this horrific battle, causing a lot of casualties under allied troops and civilians. Peipers goal? To reach the Meuse river within a couple of days, and spearhead for the Antwerp harbour.

The drive started at the Belgium border, but his column soon met heavy resistance of small and unexperienced American troops who managed to keep Peipers troops very busy in the early stage of the fightings. This gave the US army some time to rush in the battle-hardend troops, like the 82nd Airborne Divsion, the 101st Airborne Division, and the 3rd Armnored Divsion.
Peipers troops were finally halted in the beautiful hamlet of La Gleize. Although completely surrounded, Peipers managed to get away with some 800 men through allied Lines.

The trail of Joachim Peiper is one of the most famous battle trails. You can find loads of books, some very accurate, others a total disaster.
Your tourguide has been studying on this complex tour for a very long time, comparing as much as possible sources, books, maps, pictures.

Because of the huge and wide terrain and due the many stories we have collected, we have decide to make 2 tours about this:
The Highlights tour
The Complete Tour!
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