Joachim Peiper Tour – The complete tour


This tour is diving real deep in the Peiper trail and will last……two days!
You will have two full days of Battle Tour, see all the places, all the highlights, all the monuments, the museums and a lot of pictures.
We will drive the original route from A to Z.
Your first day starts at Wereth, where 11 US Afro Americans were murdered. Then we start at the starting point of Peipers trail, Losheimergraben (including some dragonteeth), then head for the  Merlscheid church,  Lanzerath, Buchholz and Honsfeld.
From there we’ll take you to  Bullingen where a huge gasoline dump was and where US and German troops got mingled up. Then we take a detour to Krinkelt-Rocherath and head back for Bullingen.
From here we will take a detour and visit Sankt Vith and Poteau. In Vielsalm we will end the day and head back to our startingpoint.

After a good night sleep, we will head back and start at Malmedy. Then off to Baugnez and the museum.
Then off toLigneuville, Vaulx Richard and plounge into Stavelot, find out more details and head for the hills of Wanne. From there we will take a detour to see a 88mm caonon on the wild and head back for Wanne and go to Trois Ponts, with a pitt stop[ at the former Kinderheim (Chateau Petit Spai). After Trois Ponts we might take another detour to Rochelinval, stepping out of the tour for a moment to take a brake at the 551stPIB memorials. From there we bypass La Gleize, Cheneux and Rahier (will be back there later) and go to the Habiemont bridge. Back to Rahier and Cheneux, where a fierce fighting raged between the 504thPIR and the LSSAH. From there we go to Stoumnont where Peipers troops were finally halted, take a peak at Bourgomont and end up in La Gleize. Here we will visit the 2nd museum.

The tour includes two museum visits
the Baugnez museum
La Gleize museum

You want more? Just let us know!