Bring the stories of the Battle of the Bulge to your location!

In addition to leading tours, Bob Konings is available for lectures, presentations, and educational events. Whether you’re organizing a school assembly, a corporate gathering, or a community event, Bob’s engaging speaking style and wealth of knowledge are sure to captivate your audience.
Bob will take you on a virtual tour, accompanied by many stories he has researched and collected over the past 15 years. He will tell you about the meetings with veterans, civilians, and individuals who experienced the war as children.

Two stories are a definite highlight of the presentations: his exploration of the crash site of the B24 “King Size” and the incredible tale of the massacre at Ottre.
The presentations will be enriched with numerous photos, videos, maps, and documents.
Each lecture spans two sessions of approximately three quarters of an hour each.

The lecures are available in Dutch and English.

Do you want to book Bob for a lecture or learn more? Drop us an email!