The Ottré massacre

On 11 January 1945 two assault squads of the 3rd Platoon/ F Company ran into a German ambush and were pinned down by MG42 machine gun crossfire. The entire slope was raked continuously for several minutes. Many of his men were dead, most of the others wounded. He saw two SS troopers coming down the slope from the ridge and he dropped his head and watched from the corner of his eye. They began searching the clothing of the dead soldiers. A man groaned and a rifle shot rang out. Blood trickled from the man’s temple. Another groan was heard, followed by more shots. Everyone of the wounded was riddled and their clothes searched. Shoemaker was the only one who escaped to tell the story.

In May 2009 Bob was asked to research the event that occured on 10 January 1945. Without knowing he stepped into an adventure that took him till the end of 2021. It was the longest research he had ever done and the outcome of it is shocking.
On 10 January 2022 he published his findings. You can read the full story here: