Video’s that your tourguide Bob cooperated in with historian and excellent documentary maker Joey van Meesen of SNAFU Docs (check his amazing video channel!):

A short documentary about the fightings in and around the area of Manhay.
Bob and Joey researching the world famous picture of the running paratrooper.
The documentary about B-24 “King Size” that crashed in the meadows of La Fosse on 25 December 1944. Bob and his team researched this plane for a long time and with succes: They identified the crew.
A video with then and now pictures in the and around the town of Bastogne
Evacuation of civilians from the Manhay sector, 23 december 1944
In October 2009 Bob found back the foxhole of 3rdAD veteran Bob Kauffman. He stayed here during the night from 9 to 10 January 1945.
Recogne reenactment 2014
Drone footage of US cemetery Henri Chapelle